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FMA PEQ Upgrade Versión potente linterna LED de color blanco + color rojo con lentes (negro)
  • Enviamos desde Hong Kong o China. envío a Europa: 12 – 35 días
  • 100% nuevo, para airsoft sólo Peso: 155 g, color: negro.
  • La función de GEAR, bajo el botón interruptor de control: al archivo – Open única luz de flash Modo de la linterna; o – Press Linterna Luz fuerte para abrir; P – laser luz está encendida
  • Incluyendo: ontología + cola de ratón control + pegatinas especiales (no incluida la batería)
  • Batería: 2 pilas CR123 A o 2 x 16340/RCR123 A 3 V o baterías 3.7 V batería (no incluir la batería debido a las aduanas restringir)
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Dye - Coupler para cargador de pistola airsoft
  • MAG Coupler Dye para Loader Dam 10 y 20.
  • Accesorios y piezas
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Well, here are a few crucial tips that you should consider to get the most out of your AEG upgrade for a durable and flawless performance After all, since you paid handsomely for your gun, you should do your best to make get your money’s worth from the use of your piece Unfortunately, even after you assemble a perfect combination of the piston, spring, high torque gears and the motor, premature wear may still be a factor at the end of the day

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They work harmoniously with your current drive train and other parts of your Airsoft Gun will not experience any kind of unnecessary stresses03mm barrel will hardly make any tangible improvement! On the other hand, regular budget AEGs will come with an inner barrel of anywhere between 6 Ported piston heads draw air from the posterior side of the piston while the unvented types pull air from the lower end of the barrel (the BB should have left the barrel before this takes place) To prevent any kind of suck-back in case the BB hasn’t already left the barrel, ensure that that the cylinder is matched to the inner length of your barrel When you are looking to replace your cylinder head, look for one with double O-rings that provide better stabilization within the cylinder and do a better job of preventing leaks In case you are looking for something more advanced here; for instance installing a 650mm barrel then you can throw in a bore-up set which is excellent for a high speed setup with much longer barrels

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Once you install high speed gears your ROF will get to more than 20 BB’s per second and you won’t even have to make any adjustments to the motor as long as you keep the FPS at a maximum of 350 Whenever you replace a bushing, ensure that it snugly sits in the hole as any slack will result to premature failure since it will move around much more and wear out faster Thankfully, the more recent LIPO style Airsoft batteries come packed with more power for a smaller size and they perform quite well for Airsoft guns that have been properly upgraded With what we’ve covered so far you can be assured of carrying out more functional, durable and efficient upgrades even if you are just a beginner! But that doesn’t necessarily imply that quality products are expensive, only that it is harder to find a perfectly balanced product that offers the best quality for the least amount of money If someone manages to get in your home and has a loaded firearm and you appear with the airsoft replica there will be only two possible situations The FPS varies based on the weight of the projectiles as you may already know very well but according to the manufacturer, it is around 315 FPS When you need pistol parts to make a repair, or an airsoft upgrade part to make your gun perform better, Valken has got you covered